From mini discovery sets, to the ultimate luxury hair care indulgence box, we’ve got gifts for everyone on your list. And they’re all wrapped up in our Holiday 2020 packages, designed to remind your giftees of their favorite winter knits.

It’s been a long year. Warm up to the coziest holiday season ever.


Discovery sets in every range—a personal display of appreciation.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most. Whether it’s a favorite colleague or just someone who’s supportive during a difficult year, you could introduce them to their ideal Kérastase routine. Our mini boxes include a bain, a fondant and a treat—just enough to take along on holiday travels, or embark on a great hair care journey.. Choose the range you think they’ll love. They won’t soon forget it.



Choose two products and receive a cozy holiday gift pouch.

If you want to take a customized approach to your gift, with a particularly “warm” presentation, this is the offer you need. You can combine any two full-size products on our site and receive a complimentary heart-warming Holiday 2020 pouch. This is the personal touch you’re looking for, with the same “cozy” look as our holiday gift sets.


Our special coiffret holds a trio of full-sized products from the range of your choice.

If someone on your list is serious about hair care, or you just want to pamper them for weeks to come, our luxury gift sets are the answer. Each value-priced box includes a full routine: bain, fondant and treat. It’s all packed up in our special “knit” holiday coffret with a colored band to match the routine inside. This way, they’ll know how warmly you feel toward them.



When there is no limit to your love, choose Chronologiste—the pinnacle of luxury haircare.

It’s the epitome of luxury, Chronologiste. This indulgently “warm” gift box includes a full three-step routine from the newly updated anti-aging range. To begin, Bain Régénérant, for nourishing cleansing. Then, Masque Profond Régénérant for deep conditioning. Finally, seal and protect with Thermique Régénérant, the youth revitalizing blowdry serum. It’s been a long year—give the best. (Or keep it for yourself.)


Holidays are just around the corner

As we enter this year's holiday season, the long-waited gift sets are now available at Kérastase salon near you. Here you will find the matching, gold emblazoned gift set for everyone on your list.

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